Eagle Steel Recycles

February 18th, 2009

According to the Steel Recycling Institute, The electric arc furnace (EAF) process uses more than 80 percent old steel to make new. It produces products—such as structural beams, steel plates, and reinforcement bars—whose major required characteristic is strength.

This 80% is collected by steel users sending their scrap material to scrap yards to be collected and returned to the steel mills.  Eagle Steel and all of the partnering companies recycle material to help the environment.  We are a proud supporter of the Steel Recycling Institute and understand the growing need for understanding and working towards a “greener environment”.eagle-advertisement-recycle-america

Eagle Steel Metal Buildings

February 16th, 2009

Eagle National Steel, Ltd. has been building metal buildings for personal use to start up businesses all over texas for the past 20 years.  With Greenville Steel, Ltd. in East Texas and Wylie Steel, Ltd. in North Texas, Eagle Steel manufactures and sell metal buildings for everyone.  Whether it has been for a small shop or storage shed in the backyard of your home, or a side business you would like to start on your own.  Eagle builds metal building to any size you need.  Eagle has been producing buildings from 24 x 24 to 120 x 300 in size.  Eagle has been producing metal buildings for mid-size companies.  A good example of this would be Fastenal.  We produce and build their retail buildings located in several states and all over Texas.eagle-presentation-3

Eagle has what you need.

February 16th, 2009


Cost Efficient Units for Homeless

February 12th, 2009

Eagle National Steel is currently working with a local fabricator on a job to renovate a downtown dallas building.  This building will bring in retail and office space on the lower levels.  It will also house units at price levels for those who use to be homeless, have found jobs and worked their way off the streets.  The 15 story building is being renovated instead of demolished and will preserve some of the atmosphere in downtown Dallas, Texas.  The units are planned to be sold to help those who have achieved a new start in their lives at a cost they can afford.

Eagle National Steel is now blogging!

February 11th, 2009

We are just learning how to blog. This is our first entry and not sure how it will turn out but here it goes……

Eagle National Steel, Ltd. is a Complete Steel Service Center located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. We stock over 2100 different items. Our inventory includes a complete line of square and rectangular tubing, angles, channels, flat bars, round/square bars. We also offer a complete line of metal building materials and accessories. We break all of our own trim for buildings and can custom make any trim design you need. We manufacture Metal buildings locally and can build what you are looking for whether for a shop, office, business, etc…

We are one of the largest distributor of fence pipe in North Texas. We also handle steel for farm and ranch needs.

We have three locations to service you, located in Dallas, Greenville, and Wylie Texas. Our metal fabrication shop is located in Hutchins, Texas (a suburb of Dallas). We also have a sales office in Addison (North Dallas) to assist you.

Over the past year, Eagle National Steel has had projects in multiple states across the country. We have been in Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. We can handle your needs whether we are just providing material or providing fabricated materials. We have done local jobs for the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, The American Airlines Center, and much more. We have fabricators that we have provided material for Home Depot construction, Chili’s Restaurants, and several local restaurants. We have built medical plazas, and just completed 6 Condominiums on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.

Eagle National Steel, Ltd. can provide Beams, Steel Joists, Metal Decking and much more. Check us out today.

Metal Buildings-North Texas

February 11th, 2009

50 x 100 with additional office.

50 x 100 with additional office.


Eagle Steel can provide metal buildings for your needs.  Whether for personal storage or for a business you would like to start up.  We have in house designers and can provide engineered drawings with your building.  Our buildings are built locally and can be adjusted quickly if needed.  Call us at 800-214-3245 for an estimate.  We can provide services for concrete slabs to metal building fabrication to erection of building.